Monday, June 13, 2011

RIP Grace the Norfolk Terrier (2000-2011)

I'm sorry that this is the first post back from our extended hiatus... but I wanted to reach out to all of Grace the Norfolk Terrier's friends and fans to let you know that our girl has moved on to a land where the baby carrots flow like water and there is an exquisite selection of furniture to sit under and plot revenge. It was very sudden and devastating, but she is no longer in pain, either from cancer or quietly tolerating the human beings around her. Grace was a wonderful dog/walking teddy bear and she will be missed terribly by those that knew her or read her biting commentary on SportSquee.

Grace the Norfolk Terrier is survived by her parents, sisters, several nieces and nephews, and her adopted dog-daughter Cindy Crosby the French Bulldog, who adored her dog-mom and will be very confused on visits to her grandparents' house. In lieu of flowers, please hug the dog nearest to you and offer him or her a baby carrot in celebration of Grace the Norfolk Terrier's life.


Eleanor said...

I am so, so, so sorry to hear of Grace the Norfolk Terrier's passing. My thoughts are with you, Cindy Crosby, and the rest of Grace's family.

Margee said...

Thank you. I appreciate it. She was a good girl.

Marie said...

so sorry to hear about Grace the Norfolk Terrier :( (and that's an adorable photo of her).